Internet and Web Technologies

► Static and Dynamic Based Web Design

The Web Site you want to own can consist of Static or Dynamic pages, for example; If your site will only be for promotional or informational purposes, if you do not need to update your Site content frequently, if it will consist of a certain number of pages, if there will be no interaction with the Visitor, a site with Static content may be suitable for you. If you are going to promote or sell products, if the content is to be updated continuously, if there will be a reservation, advertisement, news, survey, membership system, online customer support service, etc., your Site must have dynamic infrastructure if you are going to keep your information in a database.
Websites differ from each other in terms of General Structure, Intended Use, Visuality and Content, in this context; The pricing and construction times of the Web designs to be made will also be different from each other. read more..

► Mobile Responsive Design

Today, when looking at world internet usage statistics, 3% of users log on to the internet from Tablets and 53% from mobile devices. The number of mobile internet users is increasing day by day in parallel with the development of the usage areas of mobile devices and tablets and the rise of sales charts. Regular websites are not displayed correctly on mobile devices, there is a ability problem because the display settings are different, besides, the rate of page loading is quite low. Due to both the capacities of mobile devices and internet connection limits, your existing website must also have a mobile compatible web design.

► Design Compatible With All Web Browsers

A website may appear normal in one browser if standards are not followed, while in another browser it may appear corrupted. To prevent this, your site is coded in accordance with Web Standards and tested with all current browsers.

► Quick Opened Web Pages

Slow-opening pages have a negative impact on visitors, as do your server traffic to slow down and extra bandwidth to be spent. This problem, which is caused by unnecessary code crowding or incorrect coding, is prevented by making appropriate Code optimization.

► The Search Engine Optimization & Registration

Registration and Optimization of websites to Google, Yahoo and Bing Search engines, which hold 90% of the market

► Clean and Simple Design For Your Visitors

Simple Websites are easy to use, easy to look at and understand. In practice, websites are often packed with useless, crowded content and complex words. For websites, "Simpliability" is a struggle between graphical design and usability, while on the other hand, it is in constant struggle to meet user expectations and marketing language.

"Online ID" is not a question of how big a logo you have or where the logo is put. It's more like: who are you? What are you talking about? What words, what kind of pictures you use, where do you put them, are their questions.. Most corporate 'blablas' are talk crowds that seem healthy in the old practice, but they are interactions that are far from the general benefit.

Websites are ideal if they are easy to use and trouble-free, give the user a good brand experience, and have consistency with website design. As Leonardo da Vinci said; 'Simplicity' is "elegance" as a result of a creative process.

► Personal and Company Web Sites

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